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Re: Ping

From: Bonzini
Subject: Re: Ping
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 15:33:09 +0200

> I should take some time to explain my problems.

Ok, don't worry -- I just asked because I never saw any acknowledgement (not 
even of
the kind "I don't have time, please keep working on a branch and then we'll 
Everybody has no time. :-)

> An option would be a separate branch.  I am not opposed to this idea.
> This would give more freedom for experimentation, and make it easier
> to "discuss" about code.

The problem might be that my CVS access is sporadic (only through the GNU 
because I have 56k connectivity only), but it can be done.

> Still, I need help to flush the bug reports.  Nothing serious will
> happen before we flush a large part of them.

Where are they?  I can help with that too.

> PS/  I never forgot autolib, I love it, but gnulib happened in the
> meanwhile, and I never had the time to see whether that would be a
> duplicate effort, whether we should merge things etc.

I think that gnulib should take much more from libit.  It and autolib must 
evolve into
a full replacement for aclocal.

> PS2/  Please, subscribe on Savannah.  I don't have time to apply
> other significant contributors' patches.

I am subscribed, but I'm not a project member.  I don't have write access to the
Autoconf repository.


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