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[PATCH] Add AS_REQUIRE_SHELL_FN (shell functions 1/n)

From: Bonzini
Subject: [PATCH] Add AS_REQUIRE_SHELL_FN (shell functions 1/n)
Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 08:32:19 +0200

This macro defines a shell function in the M4SH-INIT section whose body is in 
second argument.  It is interesting because m4_require'd macros still expand in 
main diversion.

This is a framework for avoiding the "bug" in conditionally-executed 
macros that would use shell functions: you can then define the shell function in
M4SH-INIT, yet have other prerequisites such as AC_PROG_CC expand at the 
correct place
in the file.

Testcase provided.  Relative to yesterday evening CVS checkout.

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