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Re: 60-fyi-wrappers.patch

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Re: 60-fyi-wrappers.patch
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 01:42:00 +0200

> Tim> Minor nit: this should use $ac_path_separator, not ':'.  This is
> Tim> non-obvious to the user though.
> I was waiting for you :) :) :)  I swear I was :)

Heh - guess I'm well-established as the DOS advocate by now :)

> But we should probably have something like
> in test/general.m4.
> That would make it, doesn't it?

Not quite:

AC_CONFIG_TESTDIR(blah, c:/my/path)

Gee, I wonder why autotest is looking in 'c' and '/my/path'... :-)
In some cases, the drivespec won't be so obvious; a
might have something like

AC_CONFIG_TESTDIR(tests, `cd $srcdir; pwd`)

which would result in a path with drivespec on DOS.
So either we'd need a hairier substitution (like I'm using to get
around a similar :-related issue in configure):

test $ac_path_separator = ':' ||
  AUTOTEST_PATH=&echo $AUTOTEST_PATH | tr ':' ';' |
       sed 's,^\(.\);\([\\/].*;\),\1:\2,' |
       sed 's,;\(.\);\([\\/]\),;\1:\2,'`

or we need $2 to be an m4 list (or something similar).  I'd even
prefer $2 being space-separated; paths with spaces are probably
less common than drivespecs under DOS.  With some luck, quoting
could even help there:

AC_CONFIG_TEST_DIR(tests, path1 path2)
AC_CONFIG_TEST_DIR(tests, path1 [pa th2])

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