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Re: AC_C_BIGENDIAN: grep'ing an object file

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: AC_C_BIGENDIAN: grep'ing an object file
Date: 09 Aug 2001 10:13:16 +0200
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About this new submission of yours:

X-Sent: 43 weeks, 3 days, 23 hours, 3 minutes, 32 seconds ago
Organization: LRDE/EPITA

I'm OK with going ahead.  I have a few favors to ask you :)  Please,
do not use AC_TRY macros, as they are obsolescent, be sure to have a
nice NEWS entry, and please, complete the documentation.

I'd be very happy if your completion of the documentation could also
explain that it most situations, detecting the endianness at runtime
is a preferred solution, and if you have some code that does it
properly somewhere, please, include it!

I can forward your old patches to you if you wish.


(Oh, btw, I trust you, i.e., don't hesitate to apply your patches
directly, but be sure to send them here).

Also, please, try to have the test suite exercise your code even if
_not_ cross-compiling.  This basically means adding a test case where
cross_compiling=yes.  See for inspiration
for instance.

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