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grammar fixes for AUTHORS

From: Steven G. Johnson
Subject: grammar fixes for AUTHORS
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 19:45:26 -0500 (EST)

2001-03-31  Steven G. Johnson  <address@hidden>

        * AUTHORS: Fix grammar.

RCS file: /cvs/autoconf/AUTHORS,v
retrieving revision 2.2
diff -u -r2.2 AUTHORS
--- AUTHORS     2000/07/10 08:40:27     2.2
+++ AUTHORS     2001/04/01 00:45:19
@@ -2,10 +2,10 @@
 Franc,ois Pinard, Karl Berry, Richard Pixley, Ian Lance Taylor, Roland
 McGrath, Noah Friedman, david d zuhn, and many others.
-Ben Elliston took over the maintenance, facing a huge Autoconf backlog
-which was stacking since the departure from David.
+Ben Elliston next took over the maintenance, facing a huge Autoconf
+backlog that had been piling up since the departure of David.
-Today, there is no less than five maintainers, Akim Demaille, Paul
+Today, there are no less than five maintainers: Akim Demaille, Paul
 Eggert, Jim Meyering, Alexandre Oliva, and Tom Tromey, especially
 helped by Lars J. Aas, Mo Dejong, Steven G. Johnson, Matthew
 D. Langston, Pavel Roskin, and many others listed in the THANKS file.

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