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Re: [Patch] Support for executable extensions (partial; for 2.51 queue)

From: Lars J. Aas
Subject: Re: [Patch] Support for executable extensions (partial; for 2.51 queue)
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 21:36:32 +0200
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On Thu, Mar 29, 2001 at 09:22:04PM +0200, Tim Van Holder wrote:
: > Wouldn't it be best if the extensionless executable case also could be
: > included in this system and not treated implicit or as a special case?
: > There's no way to add '' to the above list.  I have no suggestion on how
: > to fix it, though.
: I suppose we could do something like
: for ac_exec_ext in "" $ac_exec_extensions; do
:   if test -f $ac_file$ac_ext; then
: ...

I came up with a more flexible system, but it would require a lot of use
of 'eval', which we probably don't want:

  ac_executable_forms='${base}.exe ${base}.com ${base} prefix${base} ...

Then you would set $base, eval each form and check for the existence of
the result.

  Lars J

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