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[patch] More path-handling tweaking

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: [patch] More path-handling tweaking
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 21:12:55 +0200

Added better path/filename support in several places.

2001-03-29      Tim Van Holder <address@hidden>

        * acgeneral.m4: Don't set as_me; AS_SHELL_SANITIZE
        now does this.
        * Be DOS-friendly when setting as_me
        and M4.  Add quotes to support spaces in $tmp. Work
        around problem in DJGPP port of awk by using a
        temporary file.
        * Be DOS-friendly when setting as_me.
        * Be DOS-friendly when setting as_me,
        dir and template_dir.
        * m4sh.m4: Set as_me in AS_SHELL_SANITIZE, using
        AS_BASENAME.  AS_BASENAME: new macro.  Fix typo.
        * tests/atgeneral.m4: Don't set as_me;
        AS_SHELL_SANITIZE now does this.  Use $PATH_SEPARATOR
        for walking the path.

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