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Patch to print better error message on .m4f file error.

From: Mo DeJong
Subject: Patch to print better error message on .m4f file error.
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 09:43:22 -0800 (PST)


The other day I posted a "does anyone know what this error
message means" message to the list. After a good night's
sleep, I took a look at the and found
a descriptive message in there. It would have helped if the
rule had printed this before calling exit, so I
wrote up a patch to do that.

2001-03-28  Mo DeJong  <address@hidden>

        * Print a descriptive
        error message when a divert error
        is detected when converting from
        .m4 to .m4f files.

RCS file: /cvs/autoconf/,v
retrieving revision 1.42
diff -u -r1.42
--- 2001/03/27 12:02:16     1.42
+++ 2001/03/28 17:37:13
@@ -188,6 +188,8 @@
          echo "Processing $(srcdir)/$*.m4 produced output:" >&2; \
          sed "s,^,$(srcdir)/$*.m4: ," < process.log >&2; \
          echo >&2; \
+         echo "Error converting .m4 to .m4f ($*.m4)" >&2; \
+         echo "bad divert or paren mismatch in m4 source" >&2; \
          exit 1; \
        else \
          rm -f process.log; \

Mo DeJong
Red Hat Inc

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