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Re: C++ fix and test

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: C++ fix and test
Date: 21 Dec 2000 23:26:18 -0200
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On Dec 20, 2000, Mo DeJong <address@hidden> wrote:

> I think the default should be to support working systems and
> then add workarounds for the "known broken" ones.

That's the reason why the first option in my list of alternatives to
get a declaration for exit() was `#include <stdlib.h>'.  If that
doesn't work, we get to look for a declaration of exit() that works
with it.

> Sure, you could go adding an exit() proto but you
> could also just leave it up to the user to include
> or not include <stdlib.h> in the test they write.

The problem is that there are a number of tests in autoconf that call
exit() regardless of what the user code is.  Since we need a solution
for these tests, why not make it general?

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