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Re: AC_CYGWIN etc. (Was: AC_OBJEXT again)

From: Mo DeJong
Subject: Re: AC_CYGWIN etc. (Was: AC_OBJEXT again)
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 00:23:49 -0800 (PST)

On 14 Dec 2000, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> On Dec 14, 2000, Mo DeJong <address@hidden> wrote:
> > I am at a loss to explain that one. I would think that a
> > Linux cross mingw compiler would need to output a .exe
> > file, but it does not.
> Well, then I think it's a bug in the cross compiler.  Incidentally, I
> do have a patch for GCC that fixed the extension conventions, but it
> can't be applied because it breaks the build because of
> autoconf-related issues.  Catch 22 :-(
> I guess we'll have to retain the host checking of Cygwin, Mingw and
> OS2 and explicitly set EXEEXT to .exe if host is any of these :-(
> Too bad...

Boy, the problems with these macros just don't stop. I have
now re-discovered that when you do not include a call
to AC_OBJEXT or AC_EXEEXT, automake acts differently.

Here is a quick diff of a generated by
automake before and after the AC_OBJEXT and AC_EXEEXT
are removed ( correct me if I am wrong here, but
I was under the impressiong that calling AC_PROG_CC
would call these macros by default ).

@@ -173,12 +176,16 @@
 LIBS = 
-am_jikes_OBJECTS =  ast.o body.o bytecode.o case.o code.o control.o \
-decl.o definite.o depend.o diagnose.o double.o dump.o error.o expr.o \
-getclass.o incrmnt.o init.o javaact.o jikes.o jikesapi.o long.o \
-lookup.o lpginput.o modifier.o op.o option.o parser.o scanner.o \
-segment.o set.o stream.o symbol.o system.o tab.o unparse.o unzip.o \
-zip.o platform.o
+am_jikes_OBJECTS =  ast.$(OBJEXT) body.$(OBJEXT) bytecode.$(OBJEXT) \
+case.$(OBJEXT) code.$(OBJEXT) control.$(OBJEXT) decl.$(OBJEXT) \
+definite.$(OBJEXT) depend.$(OBJEXT) diagnose.$(OBJEXT) double.$(OBJEXT) \
+dump.$(OBJEXT) error.$(OBJEXT) expr.$(OBJEXT) getclass.$(OBJEXT) \
+incrmnt.$(OBJEXT) init.$(OBJEXT) javaact.$(OBJEXT) jikes.$(OBJEXT) \
+jikesapi.$(OBJEXT) long.$(OBJEXT) lookup.$(OBJEXT) lpginput.$(OBJEXT) \
+modifier.$(OBJEXT) op.$(OBJEXT) option.$(OBJEXT) parser.$(OBJEXT) \
+scanner.$(OBJEXT) segment.$(OBJEXT) set.$(OBJEXT) stream.$(OBJEXT) \

@@ -286,11 +294,13 @@
-jikes: $(jikes_OBJECTS) $(jikes_DEPENDENCIES)
-       @rm -f jikes
+jikes$(EXEEXT): $(jikes_OBJECTS) $(jikes_DEPENDENCIES)
+       @rm -f jikes$(EXEEXT)

Note how removing the macros calls just flat out
breaks automake generated files in this
respect. The combination of the compiler
not generating a foo.exe when called with
-o foo and automake blowing up makes
me think this patch needs a bit more work.

Mo DeJong
Red Hat Inc

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