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Re: BSD related fixes

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: BSD related fixes
Date: 13 Dec 2000 10:20:30 +0100
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| Hello!
| I have tested CVS Autoconf on FreeBSD 4.0 and found 3 problems.
| One of them is very serious and breaks m4_pattern_allow and
| m4_pattern_forbid.  For some reason _m4eof goes to the output if it's not
| followed by a newline. It must be a problem in the FreeBSD shell.

I wouldn't be surprised if that was the reason of the failures
observed by Thomas.  Thomas, once Pavel has applied his patch, could
you try it again?

| "testsuite --help" shows an error message from sed. BSD sed doesn't
| understand how the "y" (transliterate) command can translate 3 characters
| to one.

Actually this is a bug fix: I meant s///.

| fails because \? in sed is not portable. This is my bug, sorry.

We don't care about this, is a maintainer tool, and made to
be robust to these failures.  I'd suggest not changing this.  Or
better yet, use groups `\(A[CU]_DEFUN\|AC_DEFUN_ONCE\)'.  It is not
portable, but we don't care.

| After applying all those 3 fixes 175 tests pass (39 are ignored).

39 GNU sed, right?

Do whatever you want out of my comments, and go ahead!

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