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Re: Changing AT_CHECK

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Changing AT_CHECK
Date: 06 Dec 2000 18:55:01 +0100
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>>>>> "Alexandre" == Alexandre Oliva <address@hidden> writes:

>> Please, I'd really need comments about this.

Alexandre> It seemed to me you wanted feedback from Fran├žois, and then
Alexandre> you'd post a patch to replace the `protopatch' :-)

Yep, but at the same time I wanted opinions on the ``technology'' :)

Alexandre> It looks reasonable to me, but I won't pretend to have a
Alexandre> deep understanding of the issue :-)

OK.  I have applied it, but as usual, I'm ready to change things.  I
think this patch was really needed, because it does improve the
readability of test suite, and makes it more robust.  It was needed
for the 2.49b snapshot.

I'm waiting for the tarball to appear on, and will send
a announcement to gnu.utils.bug right afterwards.


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