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[PATCH] A better (?) _AC_EXEEXT

From: Morten Eriksen
Subject: [PATCH] A better (?) _AC_EXEEXT
Date: 10 Oct 2000 18:36:22 +0200
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this issue was touched upon earlier today: how the _AC_EXEEXT macro
does host-checking for Cygwin|Mingw|EMXOS2 when deciding the value of
$ac_exeext (which seems like an ugly mismatch with standard Autoconf
policy of checking for _features_ to me).

It was also mentioned on the list a while ago (by yours truly) how the
_AC_EXEEXT macro has a circular dependency: _AC_EXEEXT uses
AC_LINK_IFELSE which uses $ac_exeext which is found by _AC_EXEEXT.

My new version of the _AC_EXEEXT macro fixes both these problems, with
a change in behavior: it now just searches (in a prefered order) for a
valid executable suffix -- instead of trying hard to find _the_
correct suffix.

BTW, is the "-ef" option to ``test'' portable? If not, that part could
be stripped out.

AFAICS, this should also kill the last trace of use of _AC_CYGWIN,


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