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[SCM] GNU Autoconf source repository annotated tag, v2.63b, created. v2.

From: Eric Blake
Subject: [SCM] GNU Autoconf source repository annotated tag, v2.63b, created. v2.63b
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 12:39:31 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Autoconf source repository".;a=commitdiff;h=e9b72a1dd2f35358c67bf76a06f3795c654f5a75

The annotated tag, v2.63b has been created
        at  e9b72a1dd2f35358c67bf76a06f3795c654f5a75 (tag)
   tagging  ddbb239f1221935fb90768b2e21986713518adf2 (commit)
  replaces  v2.63
 tagged by  Eric Blake
        on  Tue Mar 31 06:02:43 2009 -0600

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (Cygwin)
Comment: Public key at


Aaron W. LaFramboise (1):
      Work around cygwin bash igncr mode.

Alfred G. de Wijn (1):
      For consistency, make temporary variable match language name.

Allan Caffee (1):
      Fix a typo in comment for AS_LITERAL_IF.

Andris Pavenis (1):
      Fix awk substitution of carriage returns on DJGPP.

Bruno Haible (5):
      Warn about /usr/ucb on Solaris.
      Mention Sun WorkShop 6.2 OpenMP bug.
      Improve INSTALL for Haiku.
      Improve INSTALL for HP-UX.
      Improve multiarch detection.

Chikama Masaki (1):
      For gfortran on sh, ignore -little.

Clinton Roy (1):
      Pass autoreconf -I to aclocal -I

Eric Blake (198):
      ./.prev-version: Record previous version: 2.63.
      Avoid testsuite bug in presence of verbose
      Avoid testsuite bug when autom4te cache is disabled by user.
      Fix Erlang regression, introduced 2006-11-17.
      Fix sample isinf definition.
      ChangeLog for previous commit.
      Document more binary file portability traps.
      Fix build with case-insensitive make, again.
      Add m4_default_quoted.
      Fix m4 quoting in previous patch.
      Improve m4sh maintainability.
      Ensure _AS_CLEANUP is defined.
      Avoid repeating required shell tests in suggested set.
      Resync from gnulib.
      Only prepare $as_me if it will be used.
      Fix _AS_MKDIR_P usage.
      Use consistent shell function style.
      Document shell function environment pitfall.
      Correct previous patch.
      Cleanups to previous patches.
      Break circular require chain in _AS_LINENO_PREPARE.
      Speed up m4_qlen with caching.
      Allow comments before functions emitted by m4sh.
      Sort AS_VAR_* interfaces.
      Add AS_VAR_COPY.
      Test AS_VAR interfaces.
      Document AS_VAR interfaces.
      Reduce vertical whitespace in configure.
      Document m4_map_args.
      Add m4_set_map.
      Improve suggested test filtering.
      Add m4_curry.
      Fix some testsuite failures introduced two days ago.
      Document bugs in { } handling.
      Avoid unportable use of echo in testsuite.
      Add banners to generated files.
      Add banners to generated files.
      Add AS_VAR_APPEND.
      Use AS_VAR_APPEND.
      Allow AS_IF in shell lists.
      Allow AS_CASE in shell lists.
      Allow AS_VAR_IF in shell lists.
      Allow AS_VAR_SET_IF in shell lists.
      Improve wording related to automake and autotest.
      Fix testsuite failure.
      Fix autoconf logging commands.
      Formatting tweak: balance () with m4sh case statements.
      Remove excess dnl from m4sh.
      Whitespace cleanup.
      AC_FUNC_GETGROUPS: Revert regression.
      Improve m4_copy.
      Optimize clients of AS_REQUIRE.
      Make m4_defun_init more robust.
      Work around fact that gnulib-tool doesn't use m4_copy.
      Speed up AC_CHECK_HEADER.
      Fix m4 underquoting in AC_PROG_INSTALL.
      Use AS_EXIT in
      Document AS_EXIT.
      Simplify _AS_PREPARE handling of functions.
      Track recent copyright assignments.
      Use read, rather than `cat`, for safe one-line files.
      Add AS_VAR_ARITH.
      Use AS_VAR_ARITH.
      Avoid raw carriage return in scripts.
      Prefer m4_fatal over AC_FATAL.
      Allow m4sugar to be used without autom4te, such as in bison.
      Override m4 1.4.x dumpdef, as it breaks autom4te.
      Use m4_map_args in more places.
      Undo needless efforts to protect $2 in $2_t.
      Reduce forks while searching for better shell.
      Add m4_stack_foreach_sep.
      Use _m4_stack_reverse in m4_set.
      Alter signature of AS_INIT_GENERATED.
      Document current beta-quality status.
      Mention proper fix for zsh users.
      Fix LINENO detection to work around bash and pdksh limitations.
      Work around Solaris /bin/sh case bug.
      Don't check for non-POSIX extensions in suggested tests.
      Update LINENO documentation.
      Fix LINENO testsuite failure.
      Better documentation of AC_CHECK_HEADER's fourth argument.
      Simplify expansion stack handling.
      Simplify diversion stack handling.
      Support multiple undiverts and dumpdefs at once.
      Upgrade to FDL 1.3.
      Reject arguments with leading =.
      Reject arguments with leading =; test previous patch.
      Adjust expected output.
      Improve m4_for performance.
      Add m4_map_args_sep, undocumented for now.
      Unify _m4_foreach and _m4_map.
      Use _m4_foreach in more places.
      Unify m4_set_foreach and m4_set_map.
      Use m4_set_map_sep in more places.
      Add m4_map_args_w.
      Speed up AC_CHECK_TYPE.
      Skip preprocessor check in AC_CHECK_HEADERS_ONCE.
      Use UTF-8 in ChangeLog.
      Further doc updates for AC_CHECK_HEADER change.
      Provide a section on all tools allowed in GNU Coding Standards.
      Try 'print -r --' as a non-forking variant of 'printf %s\\n'.
      More FDL 1.3 fallout.
      Use more efficient macro in AT_INIT.
      Use more efficient macros in AC_CHECK_FUNCS.
      Use more efficient macros in AC_CHECK_HEADERS.
      Use more efficient macros in AC_CHECK_TYPES.
      Use more efficient macros in AC_CHECK_FILES and AC_CHECK_DECLS.
      Use more efficient macros in AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS.
      Avoid some regex uses.
      Yet more FDL 1.3 fallout.
      Match upstream standards.texi.
      Work around <=m4-1.4.9 bug in m4_format.
      Make M4sh, not autoconf, guarantee sane $SHELL.
      Whitespace reduction in configure.
      Fix AS_ESCAPE usage bugs.
      Optimize single-argument loop.
      Add AS_FOR, undocumented for now.
      Use the new AS_FOR function.
      Detect empty list in AS_FOR.
      Document a Solaris /bin/sh bug with 'set -e'.
      Document Tru64 bug with 'set -e'.
      Add AS_SET_STATUS, make AS_EXIT more efficient.
      Update example to match actual Tru64 behavior.
      Alter default value of AS_EXIT.
      Use fn for shell functions, func for autoconf CHECK_FUNCS.
      Improve testsuite generation.
      Speed up _AS_QUOTE.
      Describe different hacks for balancing ')' in case statements.
      Remove _m4_index.
      Add m4_chomp, m4_esyscmd_s.
      Improve m4_expand robustness, part 1.
      Improve m4_expand robustness, part 2.
      Reduce forks in AC_DEFINE.
      Fix XFAIL related to AT_CHECK.
      Speed up AT_CHECK.
      Handle version numbers as decimal, even if they start with 0.
      Factor more common code out of AT_CHECK into shell function.
      Move case statement style discussion to m4 quoting section.
      Add @anchors within Builtins and Usual Tools lists.
      Change the semantics of AS_EXIT without argument.
      Use modern m4sh constructs in autoconf.
      Fix typos in recent testsuite improvements.
      Use shell function for AS_ERROR.
      Clean up AS_MESSAGE_LOG_FD usage.
      Fix testsuite failure on Solaris.
      Fix typo in AS_MESSAGE_LOG_FD patch.
      Add safety check for m4_expand vs. diversions.
      Add m4_cleardivert.
      Avoid MacOS readdir bug in testsuite.
      Improve AC_STATE_SAVE.
      Fix m4_location inside m4_wrap with m4 1.4.5.
      Document m4_version_prereq.
      Mention limitation of M4 1.4.x on builtin tokens.
      Fix separator in m4_stack_foreach_sep.
      Document some recently added macros.
      Fix typo in previous commit.
      Make m4_dumpdef more useful with M4 1.6.
      Make it easier to track diversion bugs.
      Maintainer cleanups.
      Avoid underfull hbox.
      Speed up m4_require.
      Improve AC_REQUIRE documentation.
      Clean up some bugs caught by preliminary dependency validation.
      Warn if macro is provided before indirectly required.
      Fix out-of-order expansion with expand-before-require.
      Silence a false positive expand-before-require case.
      Revert change to AC_DIR_HEADER.
      Fix typos in recent patches.
      Improve AC_DEFUN_ONCE semantics.
      Use URLs in --help output, part 1: autoconf executables.
      Use URLs in --help output, part 2: configure.
      Use URLs in --help output, part 3: testsuite.
      Fix years in copyright notices.
      Fix AC_C_RESTRICT for Sun Studio 12 C++.
      Silence another false positive expand-before-require.
      Reduce blank lines in AC_DEFUN_ONCE macros.
      Use AC_DEFUN_ONCE for uncontroversial one-shot macros.
      Document lib64 in
      Mention that packagers should not pre-set CFLAGS.
      Use AC_DEFUN_ONCE for some one-shot AC_PROG macros.
      Mention new AC_DEFUN_ONCE clients.
      Fix m4_set speed regression introduced 2008-12-18.
      Mention recently documented macros.
      Use m4_translit more efficiently in AS_ESCAPE.
      Use pkgdatadir consistently.
      Improve wording for AS_ESCAPE.
      Resync upstream files.
      Fix 'make pdf'.
      Recommend AS_HELP_STRING more prominently.
      Remove historical inaccuracy.
      Improve confusing section names.
      Use test consistently in examples.
      Manual: mention more expr pitfalls.
      Fix underquoted example in manual.
      For now, skip parallel tests under less-tested shells.
      Fix testsuite failures under zsh.
      Beta Release Version 2.63b.

Jim Meyering (3):
      AC_FUNC_GETGROUPS: always define $ac_cv_func_getgroups_works
      AC_HEADER_ASSERT: don't say assertions are disabled when they're not
      Manual: fix a typo.

Paolo Bonzini (59):
      add a separate diversion for shell functions
      add m4sh keyword to all tests
      place _AS_UNSET_PREPARE in the right diversion
      remove shell function "spy"
      avoid problems when _AS_BASENAME_EXPR are invoked before _AS_EXPR_PREPARE
      more cleanup before adding shell functions
      use a shell function for AS_MKDIR_P
      don't advertise shell function adversely
      extract "Programming in M4sh" into its own chapter
      Add and document AS_ME_PREPARE and AS_LINENO_PREPARE
      place names of contributors under m4 rather than shell comments
      commit missing changelog entry
      Add and document AS_INIT_GENERATED.
      Test AS_ME_PREPARE.
      Use m4_require to implement AS_REQUIRE.
      Support a stack of LINENO values for AS_MESSAGE.
      Trim down the size of the better-shell test.
      Use "test x$foo = xyes" to avoid upsetting Libtool's sh.test.
      Turn AS_SHELL_SANITIZE into a for-Libtool-only wrapper.
      Assume a (possibly buggy) `unset' is present after a `better shell' was 
      Updates to shell portability documentation
      Fix Libtool's test.
      Add a testcase using more then one language.
      Make sure that nested AS_REQUIRE do not lose the desired diversion.
      Add AC_REQUIRE_SHELL_FN and the SHELL_FN diversion.
      Use a shell function for _AC_PREPROC_IFELSE.
      Use a shell function for _AC_COMPILE_IFELSE.
      Use a shell function for _AC_LINK_IFELSE.
      Use a shell function for _AC_RUN_IFELSE.
      Ensure actions can look at conftest* files.
      Avoid a fork in _AC_RUN_LOG and _AC_RUN_LOG_STDERR
      Eliminate empty lines after AC_*_IFELSE.
      Use a shell function for AC_CHECK_FUNC.
      Use a shell function for _AC_CHECK_HEADER_MONGREL.
      use a shell function for the rest of AC_CHECK_HEADER
      use a shell function for AC_CHECK_DECL
      use a shell function for AC_CHECK_TYPE
      use a shell function for AC_COMPUTE_INT
      use a shell function for AC_CHECK_MEMBER
      Fix AS_ESCAPE usage together with AC_INCLUDES_DEFAULT.
      use a shell function for AC_TYPE_INTx_T
      add m4_stack_foreach and m4_stack_foreach_lifo
      Rewrite handling of diversion and expansion stack.
      Add third argument to _AS_PATH_WALK
      Avoid walking the entire PATH when looking for a better shell.
      trim down the length of the shell function test
      Require _AS_CR_PREPARE where appropriate and fix ChangeLog.
      Pass CONFIG_SHELL down to generated scripts, and re-export SHELL.
      Do not check for $LINENO in generated scripts.
      Use preprocessor in cpp tests.
      Commit ChangeLog entry
      Reorganize definition of languages
      Dispatch on AC_LANG_CONFTEST
      Change `present but cannot be compiled' behavior to use compiler result.
      Remove three forks per _AC_RUN_LOG_STDERR in the common case.
      Balance parentheses in _AC_CACHE_DUMP.
      Fix AC_HEADER_ASSERT not to treat --enable-assert and --disable-assert 
the same.

Peter Breitenlohner (1):
      Quote traced macros passed from autom4te to M4.

Ralf Wildenhues (24):
      Mention Solaris sh ':' redirection bug.
      Improve AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIRS a bit.
      Implement parallel Autotest test execution: testsuite --jobs.
      Fix hang with `testsuite -k notmatched'.
      Fix more testsuite hang corner cases.
      Do not write to testsuite log fd before initialization.
      Document AS_VERSION_COMPARE.
      Show how to extract single substitutions from config.status.
      Fix parallel test execution output lossage.
      Point at AM_SUBST_NOTMAKE.
      Fix a couple of typos in the manual.
      Bump copyright years in
      Wrap keywords in `testsuite --list' output.
      Do not use read-only variable $status.
      Fix exit status of expr version of as_func_arith.
      Simplify, avoid unbalanced parentheses from last change.
      Use a different workaround for an automake quirk.
      More reliable signal handling in Autotest.
      Fix a couple of test failures with dash.
      Hide `set -m' error message, for zsh.
      Ignore `set -e'-related failure of NetBSD sh.
      Add index for
      Manual: testsuite depends on package.m4.
      New test for SunStudio `restrict' handling.

William Pursell (3):
      Fix some typos and grammatical errors in documentation.
      Fix AC_HEADER_ASSERT w.r.t. --enable-assert.
      Use AS_CASE in documented example.


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