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Re: [EXTERNAL *] Re: Fontification of $ sign

From: Jean Eid
Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL *] Re: Fontification of $ sign
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2023 23:52:48 +0000
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Hello Tassilo,

Thanks for this but it does not work for me. I also worked on the code yesterday (for polymode) so the $ sign inside a R code chunks is not the problem. The problem is having the code chunk inside the $ signs.  as this image shows. You see that the first \Rexpr is not a problem but the second one is. The init.el file is very simple just defining these code chunks and loading ess and auctex ( I can send it if need be). I tried it with your code and without, I had the same outcome.

image to show
        fontificxation where when Rexpr is whithin $ signs it bleeds

On 9/16/23 06:38, Tassilo Horn wrote:
Jean Eid <> writes:

Hi Jean,

Anyway to turn off the fontification of math within $ signs? I know I
can change the color  to white but that is not what I want,  I would
like to  turn it right off.
There is no simple option for it but this seems to work:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
(defun my/font-latex-disable-dollar-math ()
  (cl-flet ((f (lst)
              (seq-filter (lambda (e)
                            (not (eq (car e) #'font-latex-match-dollar-math)))
    (setq font-latex-keywords-1 (funcall #'f font-latex-keywords-1))
    (setq font-latex-keywords-2 (funcall #'f font-latex-keywords-2))))

--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

Note however, that this will also disable $$...$$.  And since
super/subscript fontification is only performed in regions which are
already identified to be math, that's also disabled.


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