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Re: AUCTeX does not ask for width for \includegraphics macro anymore

From: Kourosh Kalayeh
Subject: Re: AUCTeX does not ask for width for \includegraphics macro anymore
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2023 15:28:15 +0000

On 17 Mar 2023, at 2:36, Tassilo Horn wrote:

Kourosh Kalayeh writes:

I do, too, so just using those two shouldn't be problematic. BTW,
during key-val completion (through multi-prompt-key-value) I see no
sign of vertico/maginalia, i.e., no vertical display of completion
candidates but just standard Completions buffer on hitting TAB
multiple times.

I think I was able to pin down the issue. As you suspect, it was not
due to Vertico or Marginilia. I think it is due to orderless. With
minimal orderless setup as below, the optional arguments to
\includegraphics macro is not working as expected in AUCTeX. Any
suggestion or workaround?

I guess you could do something like

(add-hook 'TeX-mode-hook
(lambda ()
(setq-local completion-styles '(basic))))

i.e., ensure that orderless is not in `completion-styles' in TeX
buffers. Of course, then you'd not have orderless completion with
normal symbol (non-key-val) completion, too.

Please also report it to the orderless maintainers. Tell them that
AUCTeX `multi-prompt-key-value' [1] seems to misbehave with orderless in
that it doesn't strictly complete key=val but also val=key, key=key, and
val=val. In a sense, orderless is doing what it advertises, ignoring
the order. But maybe they can find a fix. If not, I guess, AUCTeX can
add a workaround and let-bind completion-styles to a value without
orderless during multi-prompt-key-value. Please Cc me in the report by
mentioning me with @tsdh.



Thank you Tassilo, and sorry for my late response.

Sure, will do that.


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