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Re: AUCTeX does not ask for width for \includegraphics macro anymore

From: Kourosh Kalayeh
Subject: Re: AUCTeX does not ask for width for \includegraphics macro anymore
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2023 18:53:38 +0000

On 8 Mar 2023, at 2:35, Tassilo Horn wrote:

Kourosh Kalayeh writes:

Do you use some non-standard completion framework?

Yes, I am using Vertico and Marginilia.

I do, too, so just using those two shouldn't be problematic. BTW,
during key-val completion (through multi-prompt-key-value) I see no sign
of vertico/maginalia, i.e., no vertical display of completion candidates
but just standard Completions buffer on hitting TAB multiple times.

I think I was able to pin down the issue. As you suspect, it was not due to Vertico or Marginilia. I think it is due to orderless. With minimal orderless setup as below, the optional arguments to \includegraphics macro is not working as expected in AUCTeX. Any suggestion or workaround? If you think it is a bug with orderless I can report it there.

(use-package orderless
  (completion-styles '(orderless basic))
  (completion-category-overrides '((file (styles basic partial-completion)))))


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