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Suggestion on launching of Okular viewer

From: pglpm
Subject: Suggestion on launching of Okular viewer
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2023 17:49:07 +0100
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Hi everyone,

Warning: this is for AUCTeX 13.1.3 on Linux. I know I am a couple versions 
behind, but maybe this still holds for the current version.

I have "Okular" in my TeX-view-program-selection for the "output-pdf" case. 
According to the variable TeX-command-list, this viewer is launched with 
TeX-run-discard-or-function (apparently the default value).

Everything works well, including inverse-search. But today I noticed that the 
shell process launching Okular remains alive. In other words:
suppose I'm working on "myfile.tex". After latexing I issue a "C-c C-c View", 
an Okular window with the pdf opens, or the existing one is raised. Now I check from a bash prompt:

$ pgrep -a okular
61483 /bin/sh -c okular --unique myfile.pdf#src:100"/somedirectory/myfile.tex"
61484 okular --unique myfile.pdf#src:100/somedirectory/myfile.tex

You notice the "sh" process that launched Okular. If I kill it, everything still works 
fine, inverse search and so on. This additionall shell process doesn't remain alive with the Evince 
viewer: when Evince is launched, a pgrep does not show any "sh" processes related to it.

I modified this behaviour by changing TeX-view-program-list, inserting a slightly modified 
entry for Okular which includes an "&" but is otherwise identical with the 

   ("okular --unique %o"
    (mode-io-correlate "#src:%n%a &"))

As I don't see the need to leave that shell process hanging there, maybe the builtin 
definition could be changed to include the "&"? Although I may be missing 
something about how things are now, owing to my ignorance.


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