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Re: AUCTex in WSL cannot find TeX Live in Win

From: petepetite75
Subject: Re: AUCTex in WSL cannot find TeX Live in Win
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2022 04:54:59 +0200

> 1. What happens when you enter
> \\wsl$
> in the address bar of windows explorer? (not in wsl)
address bar shows: Netzwerk ( = network)  > wsl$
while it's saying: Dieser Ordner ist leer (= This directory is empty) 
Again, I have to leave it to your expertise for how sane that has to be taken.

> 2. What happens when you issue
> explorer.exe .
> in wsl bash console?
Success. This actually opens the windows-explorer. 

> If 1. or 2., or both, doesn't return sane result, I suspect that your
> installation of wsl is somewhat broken.
As every command via the wsl bash console seems to execute all *.exes including pdflatex.exe correctly, could this not rather be a hint that wsl itself is working and interacting with windows perfectly fine? But that just something in the communication-interface between wsl-emacs/ auctex and wsl or wls-emacs/ auxteX and windows seems wrong or perhaps lacking?
Kind regards, Pete

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