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\documentclass does not activate latex-mode

From: jfbu
Subject: \documentclass does not activate latex-mode
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2022 18:14:12 +0200
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when I open a buffer on this file


there is no activation of latex-mode.

I have to manually type-in M-x latex-mode.

What makes matters worse is that, in real life, I also
have issued (setq TeX-auto-save nil) earlier because
I edit LaTeX code in a directory which which should
not have any auto/ sub-directory, else something else
is broken (unrelated to latex or emacs).

The above file in real life is produced by some
build, so I must re-issue M-x latex-mode each time
I do M-x revert on the file after a new build.

Any hint to make my life less miserable?

I can not add any file local variable, the file is output
by some build.

Notice that the directory where the above file resides
does contain a foobar.cls file, if that helps.

But IMHO, should'nt \documentclass by itself trigger latex-mode?
It is relatively frequent to have to put code before the

In my real life, the thing looks more like this

%% Hello there



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