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Re: Changing auto-indent behaviour for tabular environments

From: pglpm
Subject: Re: Changing auto-indent behaviour for tabular environments
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 16:31:29 +0200
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Hi Jason,

I think the relevant variable is "Latex Indent Environment List", which you can 
customize. You can for example delete the "tabular" entry, or deactivate its indenting 
function or replace it with something different.

Let me know if you need more info or if this is enough.


On 06-29 15:18, Alexander,J wrote:

I’ve encountered some unwanted behaviour with the auto-indent behaviour for 
tabular environments.  Suppose I have the following source, (with the cursor at 
* on the next-to-last line):

     \citet{Moses/Letnes:2004,Moses/Letnes:2005} & Complete
     & 73.6 & 96.5\\
     & Partial & 29.3 & 54.8\\*

If I type C-j to add a new line and auto-indent, I end up with the following 
(cursor at *):

     \citet{Moses/Letnes:2004,Moses/Letnes:2005} & Complete
     & 73.6 & 96.5\\
                                                 & Partial & 29.3 & 54.8\\

I would like to turn off this behaviour, because it can make the source text 
hard to read — especially if there is a lot of text before the first column 
indicator.  And I’ve noticed that this not only affects the tabular 
environment, but amsmath environments like align as well.

I’ve googled and tried to find the relevant option to suppress this, but I’ve 
been unsuccessful. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Best wishes,


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