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Re: \hyperref macro seems to confuse paren matching

From: jfbu
Subject: Re: \hyperref macro seems to confuse paren matching
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2022 21:15:13 +0200
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Le 06/06/2022 à 18:23, jfbu a écrit :

With this source:

% 6 juin 2022
% Emacs a un problème avec ceci, il prétend qu'il y a un } en trop
% ou pas assez avec \foo ou \color à la place de \hyperref ok
% sans mic-paren il y a aussi un problème
%                  {\hyperref{}}
     \xspace }%

I have a problem. When I position the point at the opening brace before 
\hyperref, it highlights the closing brace after \xspace.

Normally I use mic-paren, which I did not load for the screen capture attached.

With it it is more spectacular (see second screenshot), when I put the point at 
the closing brace at the end of the \hyperref line, it highlights many lines 
above to find a distant opening brace.

I did not find another macro name than \hyperref triggering the same.

This is trimmed from original problem with many levels of braces until finally 
reaching this.

\hyperref{} on its own seems ok, from the point of view of highlighting (but I 
am not familiar with what is supposed to happen without mic-paren, which I 
turned off momentarily to write this).


Using AucTeX from a git clone. I updated it for a last check before posting. 
Now at d44f83de8
Emacs 28.1


I reduced too much my example keeping the misfortune I wanted to show but 
forgetting about \hyperref syntax

Here is a more complete close to minimal example






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