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Re: [AUCTeX+pdf-tools] Window splitting scheme

From: Vladimir Lomov
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX+pdf-tools] Window splitting scheme
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2021 13:04:50 +0800

** Joost Kremers <> [2021-10-13 09:14:05 +0200]:

Thank you Joost for very helpful information.

> On Wed, Oct 13 2021, Vladimir Lomov wrote:
>> I'm using AUCTeX with pdf-tools on two hosts. One has a FullHD monitor, the
>> other is connected to a 4k monitor. I faced some weird behavior of
>> AUCTeX+pdf-tools combination on the host with 4k monitor. On the host with
>> FullHD monitor a frame splits on left and right windows when I issue "View"
>> command, but on the 4k host frame splits into top and bottom windows, which
>> looks terrible as there are plenty space horizontally.
>> Does AUCTeX control how a frame would be split, or is it the Emacs duty?

> The factors that determine how a window is split are complex and there are
> several ways to influence them. From looking at the source, it seems AUCTeX
> doesn't do anything to influence window splitting, it simply uses the built-in
> function `pop-to-buffer`.

>> Both hosts have identical Emacs configuration and software, the only
>> difference is a monitor.

> Which means different resolutions, which is one factor that does into
> determining whether to split horizontally or vertically.

> The Elisp manual has a lot of information on splitting windows, and so does 
> the
> Emacs manual:

> (info "(emacs) Window Choice") <== place cursor here and press C-x C-e

I'm lost there, I'll try to read it all again.

> But you can also start with the doc string of the function
> `split-window-sensibly`, which gives you some of the customisation options you
> can use to influence window splitting. (`pop-to-buffer` calls 
> `display-buffer`,
> which in turn calls `split-window-sensibly`, unless the user option
> `split-window-preferred-function` is set.)

I played around a bit with 'split-*-threshold' parameters, but as FullHD and
4k monitors have different number of lines and rows, I couldn't make one
configuration for both monitors. I'm considering to use host specific

> Another thing you may want to look at is the `min-margins` window parameter.

P.S. I think window managing in Emacs is a bit obscure, although very advanced.

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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