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Re: Command to open logfile

From: jfbu
Subject: Re: Command to open logfile
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 13:32:19 +0100
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Hi Ikumi Keita,

Le 22/02/2021 à 08:40, Ikumi Keita a écrit :
jfbu <> writes:
I have had problems in particular when Index and/or BibTeX were
missing or were too low in the list (I see this comment in my

; le problème était un bug de tex-jp.el qui customise TeX-command-list d'une
; façon qui exige la présence des deux entrées "BibTeX" et "Index". Donc je
; les laisse mais je refais le nettoyage des autres qui ne me servent pas.

which says roughly that tex-jp.el required BibTeX and Index to be
present, hence I had to leave them there but I removed entries which
are not useful to me.

I'm sorry, this was my fault and was fixed already:

Fixed 4 years ago! I definitely have to keep myself a bit better
informed... I should have checked first, but posting a
message would become a complicated task if one had to make sure
first not to say silly things :-)

You no longer need "BibTeX" and "Index" in TeX-command-list.

Right when I started finding them useful :)

I am a desperate case here...

Thanks for all the work for the benefits of us all,



Ikumi Keita

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