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Re: Flycheck gutter reporting of LaTeX compiler errors

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: Flycheck gutter reporting of LaTeX compiler errors
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2020 14:47:58 +0100
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Joey Eremondi <> writes:

Hi Joey,

> Is there any way to have this set up, so flycheck can highlight
> compile errors in the gutter, and I can navigate compile-errors using
> flycheck?

I don't know flycheck exactly but usually such packages have some kind
of regexp to extract the problematic file and the location in that file
from the compiler output which usually looks regular, e.g., like

  some-file.c:191:ERROR: Here is some error description

(La)TeX has a more complicated (nested) output where errors and warnings
and their locations are much harder to figure out.  For reference, have
a look at AUCTeX's error parsing function `TeX-parse-error'.

Maybe you could somehow teach flycheck to repeatedly call
`TeX-parse-error' with STORE argument and then later make it display the
error information in `TeX-error-list'...


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