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[AUCTeX] ConTeXt MkIV Support

From: Tobias Berndt
Subject: [AUCTeX] ConTeXt MkIV Support
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2016 06:40:32 +0000


Hello AucTeX TeAm,


since your release note:


Basic support to ConTeXt Mark IV has been added. Users can now select the Mark version to be used with new option ConTeXt-Mark-version, and AUCTeX is able to catch error messages in the output log of a Mark IV document.


I have been tried the most current versions of AucTeX and (Gnu)Emacs to switch on the mystery ConTeXt-Mark-version option because I work with ConTeXt Mkiv and so I am very keen on using the new AucTeX ConTeXt Mark IV support! BUT: It is simply not there?!


Tested with auctex-11.89.3/4/5 and emacs-24.3/4/5


Could you tell me what’s wrong, please?



ALOHA from Germany, tobber



P.S. As a technical editor I’m using TeX systems for years, professionally. Since I go with Emacs, I go with AucTeX too and I have to say: THANK YOU, GUYS! You saved me such a lot of time and made it so much more comfortable editing TeX files ... great work, keep it up!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Tobias Berndt
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