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[AUCTeX] Syntax highlighting between dollar signs

From: jfbu
Subject: [AUCTeX] Syntax highlighting between dollar signs
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 15:00:48 +0100
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here is some code I copied pasted from the net (I didn't hardwrap the long 

\(\frac{x}{\begin{vmatrix}b_1&c_1\\ b_2&c_2 \end{vmatrix}}=\frac{y}{\begin{vmatrix} c_1&a_1 
\\ c_2&a_2 \end{vmatrix}}=\frac{1}{\begin{vmatrix} a_1&b_1\\a_2&b_2 \end{vmatrix}}\)

$\displaystyle\frac{x}{\begin{vmatrix}b_1&c_1\\ b_2&c_2 \end{vmatrix}}=\frac{y}{\begin{vmatrix} 
c_1&a_1 \\ c_2&a_2 \end{vmatrix}}=\frac{1}{\begin{vmatrix} a_1&b_1\\a_2&b_2 

Originally both lines where with dollars. I changed to \(..\) the first one.

Then it benefits from syntax highlighting but not the second line,
which is highlighted as verbatim.

Is highlighting like for \(..\) possible ?


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