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Re: [AUCTeX] How to speed up inserting \documentclass?

From: Mosè Giordano
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] How to speed up inserting \documentclass?
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2015 23:47:36 +0200

Hi Marcin,

2015-09-04 21:58 GMT+02:00 Mosè Giordano <address@hidden>:
> 2015-09-04 21:47 GMT+02:00 Mosè Giordano <address@hidden>:
>>> Also, both LaTeX-global-class-files and TeX-global-input-files seem to
>>> contain each file twice on my system, even though the said file exists
>>> only in one place in the filesystem.  What might be the reason for that?
>> I didn't check how those variables are exactly defined, but maybe it's
>> because `LaTeX-global-class-files' has only class files and
>> `TeX-global-input-files' all files that can in some way included in a
>> TeX file?
> Sorry, I probably misunderstood your question: you meant why in each
> list there are duplicates, right?  I don't know.

I know: kpsewhich used to search in duplicate directories, resulting
in duplicates files in those variables.  Now
`TeX-search-files-kpathsea' removes duplicate directories before doing
the actual search.  According to benchmark-run, now on my system

    (TeX-search-files-by-type 'texinputs 'global t t)

runs 55% faster than before.  Not really perfect but still an
improvement, I hope.

Thanks for having noticed duplicates entries!


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