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Re: [AUCTeX] preview.el only works with 32 bit ghostscript?

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] preview.el only works with 32 bit ghostscript?
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2015 23:18:46 +0100
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Ista Zahn <address@hidden> writes:

> I've been having trouble generating previews on windows, and finally
> tracked it down to preview.el not finding gswin64c.exe (despite this
> being in my PATH preview-gs-command was nil) installed from
> I had to install the
> 32 bit version (also from
> and add that to by
> PATH, after which preview-gs-command was correctly set and previews
> worked. Is this known/expected that 64 bit ghostscript will not work?

address@hidden:/usr/local/tmp/auctex$ git grep -i gswin..c
ChangeLog-preview:      `system-type', using "GSWIN32C.EXE" on `windows-nt'.
ChangeLog-preview:      gswin32c.exe as a problem source.
ChangeLog-preview:      * doc/wininstall.texi: Add note about `gswin32c.exe'.   AC_CHECK_PROGS(GS, gs GSWIN32C.EXE, NONE)   EMACS_LISP([[lispGS]],[[(if (member dir (list \"NONE\" (if (eq 
system-type 'windows-nt) \"GSWIN32C.EXE\" \"gs\"))) \"\" \`(defvar 
preview-gs-command ,dir))]],-no-site-file,[[dir]],[["${GS}"]])
doc/wininstall.texi:gswin32c -h
doc/wininstall.texi:GS="@var{drive:/path/to/gswin32c.exe}" ./configure @dots{}
doc/wininstall.texi:should work for this purpose.  @file{gswin32c.exe} is the 
usual name for      (executable-find "GSWIN32C.EXE")

So in a way yes.  What a stupid naming scheme.  Maybe one should look
for gswin32c before gswin64c in case both are installed in a 32 bit
system.  But I don't have an actual clue about Windows systems.

David Kastrup

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