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Re: [AUCTeX] viewer for dvi output on mac os x

From: jfbu
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] viewer for dvi output on mac os x
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2014 18:03:11 +0100

23 nov. 2014 at 17:42, Ralf Angeli <address@hidden>:

> * address@hidden (2014-11-23) writes:
>> "open -a XQuartz && %(o?)xdvi"
>> I then customized TeX-view-program-selection
>> to let it map output-dvi not to "open" but to this "xdvi" viewer.
>> I don't know how people go about it, but I
>> am curious why I had to do these things,
>> and why this is not the default in AUCTeX, on mac os x.
> Likely because xdvi is not available on Mac OS X by default.
> -- 
> Ralf

Couldn't it be assumed that people who use dvi output mode
know they need a dvi viewer and have installed one? and that
in the majority of cases this will be xdvi with XQuartz?

Using "open" as default is using something which, AFAIK,
will does not correctly open a dvi file.

Shouldn't the default configuration be to check if a certain
variable (say 'TeX-darwin-xdvi-viewer')
has been customized by the user, and if not to display
a message inviting him/her to do so, with the hint that 
>> "open -a XQuartz && %(o?)xdvi" 
should be chosen if the user has XQuartz and xdvi

(xdvi comes with TeXLive for example, hence with MacTeX,
and I thus guess that the majority of Mac OS X
TeX users have it already installed; they only need XQuartz)


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