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Re: [AUCTeX] ConTeXt support?

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] ConTeXt support?
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 21:47:14 +0200
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Bill Meahan <address@hidden> writes:

> On 06/15/2012 12:50, David Kastrup wrote:
>> Bill Meahan<address@hidden>  writes:
>>> Current support for ConTeXt is pretty minimal in 11.86 (especially
>>> compared to LaTeX support). Is this likely to change any time soon?
>> No.  Code does not tend to change by itself.
> Such a wonderfully helpful answer. Such a fine example of FOSS attitude.

I am sure you did much more for Free Software than I ever did, entitling
you to bashing me for telling you the state of Context support in

Your web page tells that you have a considerable computing back ground.
It does not mention the Free Software projects to which you have
contributed so far.  Given your qualifications, it would seem quite
within your reach to work on the rather rudimentary Context support in

> Thank you for deigning to answer my question.

It is a joy working for people showing such an amount of appreciation
for years of volunteer work from which they were able to profit.

Thanks for your feedback and the friendly words you found.

David Kastrup

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