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Re: [AUCTeX] Font size

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Font size
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 18:06:32 +0100

* Denis Bitouzé (2011-01-26) writes:

> in LaTeX, font size may be (locally) changed by the way of either
> commands (with group):
>   {\tiny Foo bar.}
> or environments:
>   \begin{tiny}Foo bar.\end{tiny}
> Currently, AucTeX has no facility for this purpose (except
> auto-completion for commands but without braces for grouping):  one
> could expect to proceed as with word processors: select the text whom
> font size has to be changed and apply change with a menu or a keystroke.

I've now implemented the part about the macros.  That means if you mark
some text and use `C-c C-m' to insert a macro which changes the font
size, then the macro as well as the selected text will be enclosed by

With respect to environments I'm not sure if this method should be
supported because it seems to be a bit obscure.  I know it's mentioned
in lshort but apart from that I've never seen it in the wild.  Does
anybody actually use it?

> In both cases auto-completion and (for beginners) menus would be
> essential.

Regarding the menus, the opposite is the case.  Beginners should not get
used to these commands.  That's why they should not show up in the
menus.  For an explanation why this can be problematic see e.g. the
section "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger" in lshort.

> Would it be possible to detect, when the user asks for font
> size changes of a selected region if it is (an) entire paragraph(s) and
> add a "\par" command?

I guess so.  But this will likely not work in every case.  And I think
AUCTeX should not be too smart in such cases.


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