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[AUCTeX] output buffer functioning as help buffer?

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: [AUCTeX] output buffer functioning as help buffer?
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 15:45:04 +0100
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hi all,

quite often, emacs commands that produce some output that's meant for temporary
viewing in a window that can be dismissed again by simply typing 'q' (if the
relevant window is active, of course). help commands do this, and there is even
a special macro for it: with-help-window.

is it possible to make the AUCTeX output buffer function in a similar way? there
are cases where i want to inspect the output of some command but after viewing
the output, i'd like my previous window configuration back. the advantage of
with-help-window is that even if it usurps an existing window in order to
display help output, that window is restored after quiting the help window with
'q'. in AUCTeX, i can of course get rid of the output window with C-x 1, but
that doesn't restore the window configuration.

if it's not possible to make the output buffer behave this way, could i submit
this as a feature request?



Joost Kremers, PhD
University of Göttingen
Institute for German Philology
Käte-Hamburger-Weg 3
37073 Göttingen, Germany
Tel. +49 551 39 4467

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