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Re: [AUCTeX] View with Evince and I/O Correlation hangs on prompt

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] View with Evince and I/O Correlation hangs on prompt
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 20:19:26 +0100
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Ralf Angeli <address@hidden> writes:

> * Tassilo Horn (2011-01-24) writes:
>> I'd like to use Evince for viewing PDF and DVI files.  Therefore, I
>> added
>> (setq TeX-view-program-selection
>>       '((output-html "xdg-open")
>>      (output-pdf "Evince")
>>      (output-dvi "Evince")))
>> to my .emacs.  That works if I/O Correlation mode is off, but if it is
>> on, the View prompt hangs.  That is, I don't get the expected command
>> line defined in `TeX-view-program-list-builtin' presented, aka
>>   evince -p <page> <file>
>> but instead nothing happens until I hit C-g.
> I cannot reproduce this with circ.tex.  Neither with TeX PDF mode
> enabled nor with it disabled.
> Do you get a backtrace if you call `M-x toggle-debug-on-quit <RET>'
> before trying to view the output and the type `C-g' when Emacs hangs?

Yeah, and I can reproduce it only if I additionally use the xetex
TeX-engine.  Here's the backtrace:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (quit)
  call-process("synctex" nil (#<buffer  *string-output*> nil) nil "view" "-i" 
"18:0:transformation-diss.tex" "-o" "transformation-diss.pdf")
  (if TeX-source-correlate-output-page-function (funcall 
TeX-source-correlate-output-page-function) "1")
  (lambda nil (if TeX-source-correlate-output-page-function (funcall 
TeX-source-correlate-output-page-function) "1"))()
  apply((lambda nil (if TeX-source-correlate-output-page-function (funcall 
TeX-source-correlate-output-page-function) "1")) nil)
  TeX-command-expand("%V" TeX-master-file)
  TeX-command("View" TeX-master-file nil)
  call-interactively(TeX-command-master nil nil)


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