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[AUCTeX] basic customization questions

From: ivo welch
Subject: [AUCTeX] basic customization questions
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 13:14:26 -0500

dear auctex experts---forgive my beginner's questions.  I read the manual, but did not find answers.  I primarily care about filling(formatting) and coloring.  (I don't care about inserting with abbreviations and about executing tex.)  are there hooks that a user can put into the .emacs file to

* designate a myequation environment to be like the equation environment ( \[ and \] ), which would thus color its contents in red?

* designate a \m{ } macro, which is like $ ... $ (inline math), and again colors its insides in red?

* designate .tex files that start with a string (e.g., '\mychapter') as latex?

advice appreciated.



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