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[AUCTeX] RefTex label prefix

From: Fabien Vignes-Tourneret
Subject: [AUCTeX] RefTex label prefix
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 09:31:29 +0100


I would like your opinion about a little trouble I have with the RefTeX plugin in Emacs (in fact I use Aquamacs but I suspect that the problem would be the same with a regular Emacs). I defined new environments by customizing reftex-label-alist:
thm of type h and prefix thm:, and prop of type h and prefix prop:. As far as I understand, the type is used when Emacs prompts to ask which type of label it should display in the label menu. I would like my theorems and propositions to be displayed together. But it seems that two environments of the same type cannot have different prefixes. When I insert a prop environment in a .tex file, Emacs inserts a label like this: \label{thm:}. If I modify the type of prop to p say, then the inserted label is \label{prop:} but I can't display prop and thm labels at the same time (except if I display all label types of course).

Does anyone knows if there is a way to modify this RefTeX behaviour? Thanks a lot.


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