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[AUCTeX] Function "Clean Entry" destroys biblatex field name

From: Marcus Frings
Subject: [AUCTeX] Function "Clean Entry" destroys biblatex field name
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 10:58:55 +0100
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in my bib file I have an entry like this with the field name "options"
(used by biblatex):

@Book{ Ebel2006,
  title =        {{Schreiben und Publizieren in den
  publisher =    {Wiley-VCH},
  year =         2006,
  author =       {H. F. Ebel and C. Bliefert and W. Greulich},
  location =     {Weinheim},
  edition =      5,
  isbn =         {3-527-30802-4},
  options =      {dataonly}

If I run C-c C-c (Clean Entry) on this entry the line

options =        {dataonly}

turns into

ions =   {dataonly}

Obviously this interferes with the regular OPT[key,volume...] field
names. Is there a chance to get this fixed?

And is there a way to include other field names, provided by biblatex,
so that they are automatically expanded if I press C-c C-f? For example,
"entryset" is not known and "entr[TAB]" does not work therefore.

I use Debian's AUCTeX 11.86.

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