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[AUCTeX] adding function to LaTeX-math-list

From: Massmann, M. (Michael)
Subject: [AUCTeX] adding function to LaTeX-math-list
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2011 13:21:23 +0100

Dear all,


I’m new to Emacs: I hope my question is not too stupid.


I’m trying to augment my LaTeX-math-list by a keybinding to insert \mathsf{}, akin to the \mathcal{} provided by Auctex by default. I have added


(?\M-s LaTeX-math-sf)


to LaTeX-math-list and then defined


(defun LaTeX-math-sf (char)

  "Insert a {\\mathscr CHAR}."

  (insert "\\mathsf{" (char-to-string char) "}")



Yet when I execute the keybinding I get an error message saying: “Wrong type argument: commandp, LaTeX-math-sf”


I’d be most grateful if someone could indicate what I’m doing wrong. Any hint is most welcome. Thanks!





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