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Re: Activating and configuring Flyspell (was: [AUCTeX] A proposal for an

From: Daniele Tampieri
Subject: Re: Activating and configuring Flyspell (was: [AUCTeX] A proposal for an extension of AucTeX functionalities)
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 20:02:20 +0100

Thank you very much Ralf: I will try all your suggestions.

Best regards
Daniele Tampieri

2009/3/6 Ralf Angeli <address@hidden>:
> * Daniele Tampieri (2009-03-05) writes:
>>      I used flyspell and it indicates repeated words: thank you.
>> Then I tried to load automatically flyspell by inserting the following
>> line in my .emacs file (I saw it in the Learning GNU Emacs O'Reilly
>> book)
>> (setq-default flyspell-mode t)
> In my case this does not work and you probably don't want Flyspell mode
> active in every buffer.  If you only use it in LaTeX mode, you can use
> something like
> (add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook (lambda() (flyspell-mode 1)))
> for activation.
>> Well, it does not charge the default (American) dictionary: is it due
>> to the fact that I also have the Italian dictionary installed?
> I have no idea which dictionary is picked by Ispell (which might be used
> as a backend for Flyspell in your case) per default, but this can be
> controlled by the variable `ispell-dictionary'.  I'm no expert in spell
> checking in Emacs, so if you have trouble you best start by reading up
> on Ispell in the Emacs manual (See (info "(emacs)Spelling") <-- Type
> `C-x C-e' here.) and if that does not help you ask in the
> newsgroup/mailing list.
> --
> Ralf

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