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Re: [AUCTeX] label ref and TeX-master questions

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] label ref and TeX-master questions
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 23:09:54 +0100

* François Patte (2008-11-26) writes:

> Le 25.11.2008 21:43, Ralf Angeli a écrit :
>> >
>> > Okay, is there a <master>.rel file in the directory of the master file
>> > and does it contain the names of the input files?  Are the labels listed
>> > in the file?
> No.

And if you select the menu entries "Ref --> Parse Document --> Entire
Document" and "Ref --> Parse Document --> Save to File"?

> But I found the culprit: this macro in TeX-master:
> \newcommand{\cesure}{%
>   {\fontfamily{dvng}\selectfont%
>     \char'377}}
> \newcommand{\ltiret}{%
>   \hbox{\cesure\kern -1.3pt\cesure\kern -1.3pt\cesure\kern
>     -1.3pt\cesure}}
> This macro destroys the link between TeX-master and other files,

In my case referencing (`C-c )') and clicking on labels and references
with `S-Mouse-2' is working fine even with this macro in the master
file.  I've attached a small multifile example with three files I used
for testing.

> for
> instance, I use babel and frenchb, in that case when I strike the "-key
> it is expanded to \og or \fg{} (french quotation marks).
> I don't understand why, so I can't repair it! If anyone has some idea....

This is an AUCTeX feature.  See (info "(auctex)European").

This is clearly not related to labels and references, so I wonder why
you bring this up here.

> If I remove it, whenever I click on \ref or \pageref with mouse middle
> button, emacs opens a second buffer and shows me the corresponding \label.
> But if I do the same on a \label, this mini-buffer answer:
> Sorry, cannot find it (\\\(eq\|page\|[fvF]\)?ref{trl\.combin\.ref\.kedara})
> What does this mean?

No idea.  The string "cannot find it" is not in the RefTeX sources.  Are
you sure you are actually calling a RefTeX function?  What's the output
if you type `C-h k' and then click on the label with `S-Mouse-2'?

Perhaps you can make a minimal example (like the one I provided) which
can be used to reproduce the problem?  Please also include a description
of what exactly you do in which file.

By the way, which versions of Emacs and RefTeX are you using?  `C-h v
emacs-version <RET>' and `C-h v reftex-version <RET>' should tell you.

>>> >> Yes, I am aware of this, this was just an information, if I tick these
>>> >> boxes, nothing change in the behaviour of "Parse document" which scans
>>> >> the entire document, as I can see it in the "Messages" buffer (every
>>> >> file which are "input" in the master file is scanned) and the minibuff
>>> >> answers at the end: "Scanning document... done"
>> >
>> > Why do you think these options affect parsing?
> The name "isearch whole document" seems to be related to my problem....

No, see (info "(emacs)Incremental Search").


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