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[AUCTeX] Auctex/Reftex: Sectioning-levels in "jurabook"

From: Hans-Christian Mick
Subject: [AUCTeX] Auctex/Reftex: Sectioning-levels in "jurabook"
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 15:50:39 +0100

Hello folks,

sorry to bother you again with this topic, but I need some help again.

As I've already mentioned, I'm using the Latex document-class "jurabook" which provides rather exotic sectioning levels.

Those are: part, chapter, section, subsection, subsubsection, subthreesection, subfoursection, subfivesection, subsixsection.

I've already written a small style-file to get all the features of Auctex and Reftex for these sectoning levels (thanks to Ralf Angeli for the hints):

(TeX-add-style-hook "jurabook"
   (lambda ()
         (LaTeX-section-list-add-locally  '(("subthreesection" 5)
("subfoursection" 6) ("subfivesection" 7) ("subsixsection" 8)))
         (if (fboundp 'reftex-section-levels)
              (reftex-section-levels (quote (("part" . 0)
                                                           ("chapter" . 1)
                                                           ("section" . 2)
("subsection" . 3) ("subsubsection" . 4) ("subthreesection" . 5) ("subfoursection" . 6) ("subfivesection" . 7) ("subsixsection" . 8)))))))

I hope, You can see what I want to achieve...

The problem is: This doesn't replace the regular sectioning levels, it only adds the new ones. In the menu-bar, there are still paragraph and subparagraph.

So I don't get syntax-highlighting or outline-mode (for the new sectioning levels). Even preview-latex gets confused and doesn't work any more.

In addition to that, the customization of the reftex-section-levels doesn't work at all (I had already managed to change them via custom but it gets rather annoying having to re-change them everytime I'm writing in another document class...).

Could anyone please give me a hint on how to change the style file, so that it works the way I want?

Thanks in advance!

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