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[AUCTeX] Re: embed preview<ed>-latex into FriCAS mode

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: [AUCTeX] Re: embed preview<ed>-latex into FriCAS mode
Date: 21 Oct 2008 10:16:45 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.4

The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted to as well.

Dear all,

meanwhile I found a relatively simple method to do most of what I want to,
i.e., embed latex'ed snippets into a non-LaTeX buffer.  Since the remaining
questions may just as well be regarded as "pure" gnu-emacs questions, I
crosspost, with apologies.

In the function below I call latex on a minimal LaTeX file (preamble due to
David Kastrup, I believe), and use insert-image and create-image to embed it
into the buffer.  The ugly definition of bg is due to the fact that emacs seems
to ignore transparent background (created by dvipng with "-bg Transparent",
transparent with capital "T".)

Now, the following problems remain:

* I'd like to allow the user toggling between LaTeX-sourcecode and the image.
  Furthermore, saving the buffer should really save the LaTeX-sourcecode.

* is there a good way to adapt the size of the font used in the image to the
  size of the font used in the emacs buffer?

* dvipng seems to clip the latex. 
  Running (call-process "dvipng" nil nil nil "-bg" bg "-o" png dvi)

  where dvi is the file produced by running latex on

\begin{document}\begin{preview}$$ \left[ {\left[ {function={\left[ {\left[ x
\sp n \right]}{f \left( {x} \right)} \mbox{\rm : } {{{-{x \ {{f \sb {{\ }} \sp
{,}} \left( {x} \right)}}+{{f \left( {x} \right)} \sp 3} -{{f \left( {x}
\right)} \sp 2}}=0}, \: {{f \left( {0} \right)}={1 \ {{\left( 0 \right)}!}}}}
\right]}}, \: {order=0} \right]} \right] \leqno(6)

  produces an image that has everything after "order" (found in line -1)

Please excuse the crossposting, 


(defvar fricas-TeX-preamble 
        (concat "\\documentclass{article}"
(defvar fricas-TeX-postamble "\\end{preview}\\end{document}")

(defun fricas-insert-TeX ()
  (let* ((tmp (make-temp-file "fricas" nil ".tex"))
         (bas (file-name-sans-extension tmp))
         (dir (file-name-directory tmp))
         (png (concat bas ".png"))
         (dvi (concat bas ".dvi"))
         (bg  (apply 'format
                     "rgb %f %f %f"
                     (mapcar (function (lambda (v) (/ v 65535.0)))
                             (color-values (face-background 
         (inhibit-read-only t))

    (write-region (concat fricas-TeX-preamble 
                  nil tmp)
    ;; TeX the file
    (call-process "latex" nil nil nil (concat "-output-directory=" dir) tmp)
    ;; png the output
    (call-process "dvipng" nil nil nil "-bg" bg "-o" png "-D110" dvi)
    ;; create and insert the image
    (insert-image (create-image png 'png nil))
    (fricas-insert-ascii "\n" 'fricas-undefined)
    (setq fricas-TeX-buffer "")))

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