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[AUCTeX] Again, some inconsistency about math-mode

From: Heiko Schroeder
Subject: [AUCTeX] Again, some inconsistency about math-mode
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 22:38:33 +0200
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Dear folks,

 I wonder if I have missed a mail explaining how to get all the default 
math-macros by C-cRET run.  It seems as if AUCTeX does not know about these 
macros, even if you load LaTeX-math-mode by default (with add-hook etc.).
Of course, all of the macros are in the menu (but who wants to use a mouse), 
some of them have shortcuts and -- if you like pain, you can configure 
LaTeX-math-list with custom. But I would like to see the macros working with 

Thanks a lot, if you have a hint or if you remember the time-region where such 
a mail already answered my question.

I was very astonished to see that the manual speaks about *supporting the 
tradition*. Math is not a *LaTeX-tradition* IMHO, it is one of the most 
important aspects of LaTeX, but the really splendid AUCTeX is definetly 
lacking a bit of comfort  in this specific case IMHO. What a vast amount of 
mails in this forum about this topic.

(Really: it may be sureley *much* more important to present an example for an 
entry of math-list  than explanining  that the option 'label' of floats 
means 'the label of a float environment' and the 'caption' is indeed 
the 'caption of the float'. Nobody is a potatoe (quote from another very good 
manual)). Nevertheless, the manual is one of the best ever written -- except 
but the much too short mathematical part. Perhaps Math is for AUCTeX of 
similar importance as regular expressions are for Emacs?

Heiko Schroeder 
Praha, Ceska Republica

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