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[AUCTeX] running xelatex instead of pdflatex

From: Patrick Gundlach
Subject: [AUCTeX] running xelatex instead of pdflatex
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 19:44:53 +0100
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on some texts, I'd like to use the 'xelatex' engine/format instead of
pdflatex. What would be the best way to be able to switch engines
manually or by a variable set in the buffer? So, instead of running

pdflatex  "\nonstopmode\input{simple.tex}"

I'd like AUCTeX to issue the command

xelatex  "\nonstopmode\input{simple.tex}"

or sth. similar.

I'm using latest cvs AUCTeX and Emacs.


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