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Re: [AUCTeX] Multifile document questions

From: Harald von Aschen
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Multifile document questions
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 22:33:23 +0200

At 14:21 15.08.05 +0200, Ralf Angeli wrote:
* Harald von Aschen (2005-08-14) writes:

> Then I want to insert an environment in my subdoc by C-c C-e and a type
> mismatch "equa", so it is inserted in the auto file.

I don't understand that sentence.

Ups, I'm very sorry for my bad formulation. It is about resetting AUCTeX in a buffer (C-c C-n) or globally (C-c C-c C-n) not in the master file but in the slave file which is in \include or \input in the master file. After that it looks for me that AUCTeX does not know any more for the slave document (subdocument or "subdoc", sorry for the name here) the style hooks from the master file e.g. for AMSLaTeX. Only closing and opening the slave again helps. This is sometimes annoying after a type mismatch, e.g. after entering C-c C-e and then a wrong environment means this is added in the auto file for that document so I have to close and open my document instead of just resetting AUCTeX in this buffer.


> Next: C-c C-c or TeX-command-master called in the subdoc runs on the master
> file and correctly starts LaTeX/PDFTeX or BiBTeX etc. after each change in
> the subdocs or in the master. TeX-command-buffer or C-c C-b should run on
> the buffer but does not recognize when changes have been done, so after the
> first LaTeX-call only "View" is proposed as the next command and I have to
> enter manually LaTeX.

Great, that bug is of the same category like the one I fixed for
`TeX-ispell-document' a few weeks ago.  `TeX-command-buffer' calls

Thank you very much for the explanation and your great work! I have no problem here because it is simple to select the right command here from TeX-command-list within the buffer. It is a nice feature which was not implemented in my previous used old AUCTeX version.

Best regards


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