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[AUCTeX] Customising in a low maintenance way

From: Nick Urbanik
Subject: [AUCTeX] Customising in a low maintenance way
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 08:22:15 +1000
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Dear Folks,

I want to customise auctex so that my customisations are kept separate
from the installed auctex files.    In the past, I edited latex.el and
font-latex.el and had problems when updating auctex.

Where should I put modifications to font commands instead of editing
easy-menu-define LaTeX-mode-menu in latex.el?  Or adding more verbatim
type environment commands, such as alltt and semiverbatim (from
latex-beamer)?  Or adding more environments, such as the frame
environment from latex-beamer, with the \frametitle{} command and
itemize environment already nested inside?  Should I define these in
tex-site.el?  And if so, should I copy the old definitions there and
then modify them?

Current auctex version: 11.55
OS: FC4.
Nick Urbanik   RHCE          nicku(at)
Proud ex-member of Dept. of Information & Communications Technology in
Hong Kong IVE (Tsing Yi), Home of Visual Paradigm: Jolt Productivity
Award winner, programmed by ICT's own graduates!
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