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[AUCTeX-diffs] GNU AUCTeX branch, master, updated. 28639769011f958a7de7d

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: [AUCTeX-diffs] GNU AUCTeX branch, master, updated. 28639769011f958a7de7d832a7f24334dbcb2cd5
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2020 07:27:54 -0500 (EST)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU AUCTeX".

The branch, master has been updated
       via  28639769011f958a7de7d832a7f24334dbcb2cd5 (commit)
      from  63e48dda9605111eea1d9be18c4eb6258f04572c (commit)

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 28639769011f958a7de7d832a7f24334dbcb2cd5
Author: Ikumi Keita <>
Date:   Tue Dec 22 18:25:34 2020 +0900

    Drop old implementations for viewers
    * tex.el (TeX-expand-list-builtin): Remove entries for "%v" and "%vv".
    (TeX-view-style, TeX-output-view-style): Remove.
    * doc/auctex.texi (Starting Viewers): Remove description about old
    * doc/changes.texi (News in 13.0): Mention the above changes.
    * tex-mik.el: Remove entries for TeX-view-style and

diff --git a/doc/auctex.texi b/doc/auctex.texi
index 717ee4b..fad97d6 100644
--- a/doc/auctex.texi
+++ b/doc/auctex.texi
@@ -3533,34 +3533,6 @@ function in @code{TeX-view-program-list} only works if 
the View command
 in @code{TeX-command-list} makes use of the hook
-Note also that the implementation described above replaces an older one
-which was less flexible.  This old implementation works with the
-variables @code{TeX-output-view-style} and @code{TeX-view-style} which
-are used to associate file types and style options with viewers.  If
-desired you can reactivate it by using the placeholder @samp{%vv} for
-the View command in @code{TeX-command-list}.  Note however, that it is
-bound to be removed from @AUCTeX{} once the new implementation proved to
-be satisfactory.  For the time being, find a short description of the
-mentioned customization options below.
-@defopt TeX-output-view-style
-List of output file extensions, style options and view options.  Each
-item of the list consists of three elements.  If the first element (a
-regular expression) matches the output file extension, and the second
-element (a regular expression) matches the name of one of the style
-options, any occurrence of the string @code{%V} in a command in
-@code{TeX-command-list} will be replaced with the third element.
-@end defopt
-@defopt TeX-view-style
-List of style options and view options.  This is the predecessor of
-@code{TeX-output-view-style} which does not provide the possibility to
-specify output file extensions.  It is used as a fallback in case none
-of the alternatives specified in @code{TeX-output-view-style} match.  In
-case none of the entries in @code{TeX-view-style} match either, no
-suggestion for a viewer is made.
-@end defopt
 @node I/O Correlation
 @subsection Forward and Inverse Search
 @cindex Inverse search
diff --git a/doc/changes.texi b/doc/changes.texi
index 63cfe45..b3e7398 100644
--- a/doc/changes.texi
+++ b/doc/changes.texi
@@ -12,6 +12,12 @@
 @itemize @bullet
+Old implementations for viewers were discarded, as stated long before.
+The variables @code{TeX-output-view-style} and @code{TeX-view-style}
+have no effect now. The former placeholders @samp{%v} and @samp{%vv} in
+@code{TeX-command-list} are ignored.
 @AUCTeX{} now uses lexical binding which has been introduced in Emacs
 24.  This change should have no user-visible effect and require no
 manual adaptions except in the following cases.
diff --git a/tex-mik.el b/tex-mik.el
index 9323406..a37cd96 100644
--- a/tex-mik.el
+++ b/tex-mik.el
@@ -43,17 +43,6 @@
   (setq TeX-print-command
        "start \"\" %f"))
-(unless (get 'TeX-view-style 'saved-value)
-  (setq TeX-view-style '(("^epsf$" "start \"\" %f")
-                        ("." "yap -1 %dS %d"))))
-(unless (get 'TeX-output-view-style 'saved-value)
-  (setq TeX-output-view-style
-       '(("^dvi$" "^pstricks$\\|^pst-\\|^psfrag$" "dvips %d -o && start \"\" 
-         ("^dvi$" "." "yap -1 %dS %d")
-         ("^pdf$" "." "start \"\" %o")
-         ("^html?$" "." "start \"\" %o"))))
 (unless (get 'TeX-source-specials-view-position-flags 'saved-value)
   (setq TeX-source-specials-view-position-flags "-s %n%b"))
diff --git a/tex.el b/tex.el
index 4c946cb..263eaf4 100644
--- a/tex.el
+++ b/tex.el
@@ -522,12 +522,6 @@ string."
     ("%V" (lambda ()
-    ("%vv" (lambda ()
-            (TeX-source-correlate-start-server-maybe)
-            (TeX-output-style-check TeX-output-view-style)))
-    ("%v" (lambda ()
-           (TeX-source-correlate-start-server-maybe)
-           (TeX-style-check TeX-view-style)))
     ("%r" (lambda ()
            (TeX-style-check TeX-print-style)))
     ("%l" (lambda ()
@@ -1027,82 +1021,6 @@ If no mode is given the current major mode is used."
   "Calling viewers from AUCTeX."
   :group 'TeX-command)
-(defcustom TeX-view-style
-  `((,(concat
-      "^" (regexp-opt '("a4paper" "a4dutch" "a4wide" "sem-a4")) "$")
-     "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper a4 %d")
-    (,(concat "^" (regexp-opt '("a5paper" "a5comb")) "$")
-     "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper a5 %d")
-    ("^b5paper$" "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper b5 %d")
-    ("^letterpaper$" "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper us %d")
-    ("^legalpaper$" "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper legal %d")
-    ("^executivepaper$" "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper 7.25x10.5in %d")
-    ("^landscape$" "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper a4r -s 0 %d")
-    ;; The latest xdvi can show embedded postscript.  If you don't
-    ;; have that, uncomment next line.
-    ;; ("^epsf$" "ghostview %f")
-    ("." "%(o?)xdvi %dS %d"))
-  "List of style options and view options.
-If the first element (a regular expression) matches the name of
-one of the style files, any occurrence of the string `%v' in a
-command in `TeX-command-list' will be replaced with the second
-element.  The first match is used, if no match is found the `%v'
-is replaced with the empty string.
-As a default, the \"View\" command in `TeX-command-list' is set
-to `%V'.  This means that `TeX-output-view-style' will be
-consulted before `TeX-view-style'.  Only if no match is found in
-`TeX-output-view-style' the settings in `TeX-view-style' will be
-considered.  If you want to bypass `TeX-output-view-style', which
-is not recommended because it is more powerful than
-`TeX-view-style', use `%v' in the \"View\" command."
-  :group 'TeX-view
-  :type '(repeat (group regexp (string :tag "Command"))))
-(defcustom TeX-output-view-style
-  `(("^dvi$" ("^landscape$" "^pstricks$\\|^pst-\\|^psfrag$")
-     "%(o?)dvips -t landscape %d -o && gv %f")
-    ("^dvi$" "^pstricks$\\|^pst-\\|^psfrag$" "%(o?)dvips %d -o && gv %f")
-    ("^dvi$" (,(concat
-               "^" (regexp-opt '("a4paper" "a4dutch" "a4wide" "sem-a4")) "$")
-             "^landscape$")
-     "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper a4r -s 0 %d")
-    ("^dvi$" ,(concat
-              "^" (regexp-opt '("a4paper" "a4dutch" "a4wide" "sem-a4")) "$")
-     "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper a4 %d")
-    ("^dvi$" (,(concat "^" (regexp-opt '("a5paper" "a5comb")) "$")
-             "^landscape$")
-     "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper a5r -s 0 %d")
-    ("^dvi$" ,(concat "^" (regexp-opt '("a5paper" "a5comb")) "$")
-     "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper a5 %d")
-    ("^dvi$" "^b5paper$" "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper b5 %d")
-    ("^dvi$" "^letterpaper$" "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper us %d")
-    ("^dvi$" "^legalpaper$" "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper legal %d")
-    ("^dvi$" "^executivepaper$" "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper 7.25x10.5in %d")
-    ("^dvi$" "." "%(o?)xdvi %dS %d")
-    ("^pdf$" "." "xpdf -remote %s -raise %o %(outpage)")
-    ("^html?$" "." "netscape %o"))
-  "List of output file extensions and view options.
-If the first element (a regular expression) matches the output
-file extension, and the second element (a regular expression)
-matches the name of one of the style options, any occurrence of
-the string `%V' in a command in `TeX-command-list' will be
-replaced with the third element.  The first match is used; if no
-match is found the `%V' is replaced with `%v'.  The outcome of `%v'
-is determined by the settings in `TeX-view-style' which therefore
-serves as a fallback for `TeX-output-view-style'.  The second
-element may also be a list of regular expressions, in which case
-all the regular expressions must match for the element to apply."
-  :group 'TeX-view
-  :type '(repeat (group
-                 (regexp :tag "Extension")
-                 (choice regexp (repeat :tag "List" regexp))
-                 (string :tag "Command"))))
-;;; Viewing (new implementation)
 (defvar TeX-view-predicate-list-builtin
      (string-match "dvi" (TeX-output-extension)))


Summary of changes:
 doc/auctex.texi  | 28 -------------------
 doc/changes.texi |  6 +++++
 tex-mik.el       | 11 --------
 tex.el           | 82 --------------------------------------------------------
 4 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 121 deletions(-)


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