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Re: beamer.el update candidate

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: beamer.el update candidate
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2022 15:14:11 +0100
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>>> "IK" == Ikumi Keita <> writes:

> Hi Uwe, thanks for your feedback.
>>>>>> Uwe Brauer <> writes:
>> So far here is the thing I would like to ask for an enhancement

>> When I run C-c C-e frame

>> I have an  overlay option and a general option. However, tabulator does
>> not offer any possibility. I, at least for lecture notes, use quite a
>> bit [allowframebreaks] which I wouldn't in a talk since it leads to a
>> bit ugly distribution of the content of the slides.

>> Could that feature be added easily.

> Right, it still lacks all completion feature except class options when
> inserting \documentclass[...]{beamer}.

> Actually, beamer class has a lot of options different for each
> command/environment, which I don't think realistic to implement all. But
> I'll see what I can do for options for frame environment.

That would be nice!
>> Another observation.

>> When I decide not to have a overlay I am *not* offered an option,
>> (such as allowframebreaks) that is more of an disadvantage than my
>> first observation

> That is outcome of the option `TeX-insert-macro-default-style' having
> its default value, I think. Please try to customize it to
> `show-all-optional-args'. (That has a side effect that all C-c C-m calls
> ask all optional arguments every time. That is, in one C-c C-m call, you
> cannot skip subsequent option queries after you provided empty answer
> for an option query.)

Ah I see its about was show-optional-args not show-all-optional-args!

I changed it and now it behave as it should (well without completion but
as we said, this is a different matter)

Thank you for all your work


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