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Re: Underline fontification

From: Arash Esbati
Subject: Re: Underline fontification
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2022 12:45:14 +0200
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Hi Hendrik,

Hendrik Rommeswinkel via Discussion list for AUCTeX developers 
<> writes:

> I would like to suggest introducing fontification of the \underline
> command and variations thereof from the ulem and soul packages.

Thanks for your suggestion and the patch.  In general, I think this is a
good addition while underlinig text in general is not ;-)

I have a minor comment below, though.

What do others think about this change?  I also think this change is
small enough that we don't need to go through FSF paperwork.

> git diff origin/master master
> diff --git a/font-latex.el b/font-latex.el
> index 92b6047a..93ae9bb0 100644
> --- a/font-latex.el
> +++ b/font-latex.el
> @@ -431,6 +431,10 @@ variable `font-latex-fontify-sectioning'." ',num)
>      ("italic-command"
>       (("emph" "{") ("textit" "{") ("textsl" "{") ("mathit" "{"))
>       font-latex-italic-face 1 command)
> +    ("underline-command"
> +     (("underline" "{") ("ul" "{") ("uuline" "{") ("uwave" "{") ("dotuline" 
> "{")
> +      ("dashuline" "{"))

In font-latex, we only add keywords provided by vanilla LaTeX.  Keywords
provided by packages go into the corresponding AUCTeX style file, in
this case style/ulem.el and style/soul.el (which has to written).
Hence, this becomes

       (("underline" "{"))

Best, Arash

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