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art work --config: terminal reports conf/artanis.conf regardless of sour

From: Mortimer Cladwell
Subject: art work --config: terminal reports conf/artanis.conf regardless of source
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2021 10:37:47 -0500

Hi Nala,

My app is called 'limsn'
I have deleted the artanis.conf file in .../limsn/conf/artanis.conf
I also deleted /etc/artanis/artanis.conf

I run my app with: art work --config=/home/mbc/.config/limsn/artanis.conf

but the terminal output indicates I am using conf/artanis.conf e.g.:

mbc@HP8300:~/projects/limsn/limsn$ art work --config=/home/mbc/.config/limsn/artanis.conf
Loading conf/artanis.conf...done.       <============
Loading server engine 'ragnarok' ...
Loading server engine 'ragnarok' ...
User wants to use Database, initializing...

The project runs OK but it would be helpful for the terminal to report the artanis.conf that is being used e.g.:

Loading /home/mbc/.config/limsn/artanis.conf...done.

Under normal circumstances I do have two conf files. During debugging it is comforting to know the correct one is being used.


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